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Mrs. Pierce's Home Page

Welcome to Mrs. Pierce's page!

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Stemscopes Log in

Please go to this link to log in to Stemscopes!!
username:  (same as AR log in)
password:  (same as AR log in)
If it doesn't work, ask Mrs. Pierce, Mrs. Dodson or Mrs. Tucker.
On these days, do the activities listed below:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 4/24-4/26:  Properties of Matter
  • 5.5A Vocabulary,
  • 5.5A Concept Review,
  • 5.5CD Vocabulary,
  • 5.5CD Concept Review
Thursday, Friday, Monday 4/28-5/1:  Force Motion and Energy
  • 5.6A Vocabulary (Uses of Energy)
  • 5.6A Concept Review (uses of energy)
  • 5.6B Vocabulary (circuits)
  • 5.6B Concept Review (circuits)
  • 5.6C Vocabulary (light)
  • 5.6C Concept Review (light)
  • 5.6C PhET Simulation (light)
Tuesday, Wednesday 5/2-5/3:  Earth and Space
  • 5.7A Vocabulary (Formation of Fossil Fuels)
  • 5.7A Concept Review (Formation of Fossil Fuels)
  • 5.7B Vocabulary (Changes to Land)
  • 5.7B Concept Review (Changes to Land)
  • 5.7B Interactive Investigation (Changes to Land)
  • 5.7C Vocabulary (Alternative Resources)
  • 5.7C Concept Review (Alternative Resources)
  • 5.8C Vocabulary Earth's Rotation
  • 5.8C Concept Review (Earth's Rotation)
Thursday, Friday 5/4-5/5:  Organisms and Environments
  • 5.9A Vocabulary (Interdependency)
  • 5.9A Concept Review (Interdependency)
  • 5.9A Interactive Investigation (Interdependency)
  • 5.9B Vocabulary (Food Webs)
  • 5.9B Concept Review (Food Webs)
  • 5.9B Interactive Investigation (Food Webs)
  • 5.10A Vocabulary (Adaptations)
  • 5.10A Concept Review (Adaptations )
  • 5.10A Interactive Investigation (Adaptations)
  • 5.10B Vocabulary (Traits)
  • 5.10B Concept Review (Traits)
  • 5.10B Interactive Investigation (Traits)

STAAR Review Weekly Plan

Mon 4/24:  Matter and Energy (5.5A,B,C,D)
Tue 4/25:   Matter and Energy (5.5A,B,C,D)
Wed 4/26:  Matter and Energy (5.5A,B,C,D)
  • Stemscopes Vocab & Concept Review 5.5A
  • Study Jams videos on Staar Review page under "Matter" title
Thu 4/27:   Force, Motion & Energy (5.6A-5.6D)
Frid 4/28:   Force, Motion & Energy (5.6A-5.6D)
  • Stemscopes Vocab & Concept Review 5.6A, 5.6B, 5.6C
  • Study Jams videos on Staar Review page under "Force Motion and Energy" AND "Energy" (EXCEPT Fossil Fuels, Renewable Resources and Natural Resources--that's later)
Mon 5/1:    Force, Motion & Energy (5.6A-5.6D)
  • Same as above
Tue 5/2:     Earth and Space (5.7A,B,C,D; 5.8A-D)
Wed 5/3:    Earth and Space (5.7A,B,C,D; 5.8A-D)
  • Stemscopes Vocab & Concept Review 5.7A; 5.7B; 5.7C; 5.8C
  • Study Jams Videos on STAAR Review Page under "Earth Science', "Energy" ONLY Fossil Fuels, Renewable Resources and Natural Resources; and "Earth's Rotation" (can also view the space and weather ones AFTER the previously listed videos)
Thur 5/4:    Organisms & Env (5.9A,B 5.10A,B)
Frid  5/5:    Organisms & Env (5.9A,B 5.10A,B)
  • Stemscopes Vocab & Concept Reviews 5.9A; 5.9B; 5.10A; 5.10B
  • Study Jams Videos on STAAR Review page under "Life Science"  Start with Food Webs and Food Chains then move on to the rest.

Class Craft

Students AND parents, please go to this website to sign up for Classcraft:
 Use the codes provided on the sheet.  Students should have already set up their accounts at school.  They may log in to insure this.  Please email me if you have any questions!

Quizlet Link

Click on the following link to practice vocabulary words after you finish your assignment
You may click on lots of things to learn your words:  Flashcards, Learn, Test, Match, and/or Gravity.
Have fun!

Tech It!

1.  Play the StudyJams video for Properties of Matter and complete the "Test Yourself" section
2.  Play the StudyJams video for Solids, Liquids, Gases and complete the "Test Yourself" section.

Parent Conferences Spring 2016

Hello Parents!
It's that time again!!  Beginning Friday we will have short report card conferences!  The time is short, but the company will be great!!!  Your child brought home a sheet to fill out and send back OR you may do it online!!  Click on the link below to complete a Google Form to sign up for a conference!  (Mrs. Pierce's homeroom class only)
Have a GREAT week!
~Mrs. Pierce